Download Chapter 1 of The Biochar Revolution Free

Thanks for your interest in Paul Taylor’s book The Biochar Revolution. Here you are welcome to download the first chapter of this incredible book. Simply fill your details in below and you will be taken to the download page where you will have instant access to this chapter in PDF form.
The first chapter of this book is written by Paul Taylor and is called Biochar – Ancient Origins, Modern Solution. This chapter is a great one to start with as it will take you through some of the tremendous ecological issues we are facing today. From there it looks at the ancient roots of Biochar, where it originated, how we found out about it and what we have learned. Then the chapter finishes with some ideas regarding how we can adapt this technology today and also how it can help move in a restorative fashion, toward resolving some of the ecologic challenges we face.
This piece really is a wonderful introduction to biochar in the context of the wider environmental situations we face in the world today, we really hope you enjoy your complementary copy, which you can access below.